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"This winter weather is truly brutal on my skin as I recently had several dry patches on my eyebrow and eyelid that began to get worse with the cold weather. I tried neosporin which didn't work at all so I then tried my @sheabutterlikewhoa Natural Body and Hair Butter from @TerryKWilliamsSr and it completely cleared up those spots and keeps my skin superbly moisturized during these rough winter months. SBLW products are simply AMAZING as myself, my daughter and grand-baby use them daily. Keep up the great work and THANK YOU for the amazing products. Make sure you go try them today as you will surely thank me later!!!" 


-- Michelle Beasley

"Best Shea Butter in town!"


-- Tonya Baltimore McLaughlin‎


“Got my stuff last night and I LOVE it!!!  Smells fantastic and amazing for my skin for this harsh winter weather!  Thnx so much Terry. Recommending this to my coworkers as we speak.”


-- Celena Kirkland


"I knew it was going to be good but Damn...Shea Butter like Whoa definitely stands by the name. Proud of my fellow MSU Bear, Terry Williams. Y'all better get hipped #skinfeellikethat"


-- Ursula Moultrie


 "I have been using this product for years!  Even more so after the birth of my youngest daughter.  The baby powder scented Natural Body and Hair Butter is gentle enough for her skin.  She loves when I rub her down after her baths.  My skin stays soft year round especially in the winter time using the Organic Pink Himalayian Salt Scrub!  The best products out here by far!!"


-- Stacey Stith


"I love your product! I am trying smaller jars of different fragrances to see what other new scents I love. Is there anyway to get samples of some other scents as well. I ADORE YOUR PRODUCT. Can't get enough. :)”


-- Philonda Johnson


“Ever since my mom suffered a debilitating stroke a few years ago, I have been using your black passion shea butter to keep her skin moisturized and soft as it would often be dry/ brittle while she was in the hospital and rehab. I thank you for continuing to create a consistent quality product and in particular Terry, thanks for suggesting the body scrub a few weeks ago. It has definitely improved the appearance of her skin.”


 -- Naola Henderson


“This product is AMAZING. I have eczema to my face of all places. Nothing worked for it not even prescription medication. Everything would burn and make my face look worse or just sat on top of the dry, flaky patches. But this product solved all that. It doesn't burn, it absorbs into my skin and softens the dry flaky skin. I'm addicted it to it. I use it on my face twice a day. People have been telling me that I look younger now. And best of all, it just takes a little bit of the product to do the job.”


 -- ‎Felicia Bradley


“As usual, SBLW never disappoints! I've been a customer for years and the quality of the product and customer service is untouchable. And now, my daughter is hooked too! Feels great with lasting scents. I HIGHLY recommend SBLW... you'll never want another skin care product.”


- Tamera Anderson