How It's Made

At Shea Butter Like Whoa we truly believe that the ingredients are the most important part of any product so we take pride in ensuring, you our customer, that we source the BEST on the market for all of our products.  Every ingredient is derived from nature which includes our Grade A certified butters, natural and certified organic oils, and certified organic essential oils. We are delighted to promise that none of our products contain parabens, sodium lauryl sulfate, sodium laureth sulfate, phthalates, propylene glycol, mineral oil, PBA, petroleum, paraffin DEA, synthetic color, or animal products.  We test our products with family, friends and a panel of volunteer customers before they're released for sale. This testing evaluation process allows us to confirm the true benefits of Shea Butter Like Whoa’s products before they reach our customers.

We want our customers to know that every product is packaged with an abundance of love, care, and personal attention to detail. This further validates Shea Butter Like Whoa’s commitment to deliver excellent products to our valued customers. Our repeat customer base is growing exponentially, which is positive proof that Shea Butter Like Whoa’s products work and are second to none.

With over 15+ years of expertise in creating products from beginning to end, our experience in delivering amazing products will continue to expand and strengthen as we strive to continue in furthering our education, understanding our customers desires, providing A-1 customer service and expanding our product line.