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Winter Months Solution!

Our Organic Pink Himalayan Salt Scrub is as prized for its therapeutic properties on the skin as it is for its culinary health benefits.

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"This winter weather is truly brutal on my skin ...I tried neosporin which didn't work at all so I then tried my @sheabutterlikewhoa and it completely cleared up those spots and keeps my skin superbly moisturized... - Michelle Beasley
"Best Shea Butter in town!" -- Tonya Baltimore McLaughlin‎
“Got my stuff last night and I LOVE it!!! Smells fantastic and amazing for my skin for this harsh winter weather! Thnx so much Terry. Recommending this to my coworkers as we speak.” – Celena Kirkland
"I knew it was going to be good but Damn...Shea Butter like Whoa definitely stands by the name. Proud of my fellow MSU Bear, Terry Williams. Yall better get hipped #skinfeellikethat" - Ursula Moultrie

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